Useful links

In this area you will find all the links that you need to make your student life easier. The links are grouped into different sections in order to make navigation easier. For additional information on student life and life in Tokyo, please ask us for a copy of our "Student Guide to Life at GraSPP" and we will promptly send It to you!

Academic systems 

University of Tokyo Academic affairs System (UTAS)
Information Technology Center - Learning Management System (ITC-LMS)
Online System for UTokyo Acommodations (OSTA)
Information Technology Center - Educational Campus-wide Computing System
UTokyo Accounr User Profile Maintenance system. 
UTokyo Account guide
ECCS Online New User Information Seminar (How to)
UTokyo Microsfot License information, notes and how to use.
ECCS Cloud e-mail initial setting guide.
UTokyo WiFi guide
Student Bulletin Board
GraSPP Students Twitter (Students Bulletin Board automated Twitter)

Information about GraSPP 

MPP/IP Curriculum and Completion Requirements
GraSPP GPA Calculation and grading system
Information about Scholarships
Comparative table between different types of scholarships

MEXT Scholarship application guidelines
AY2020 Academic Calendar
Courses information (Course catalog, syllabus, schedules, etc.)
UTokyo Course Catalog
Online course registration guide for UTAS
The Center for Japanese Language Education 
Exchange and Double Degree Program information
More information about Campus Asia
International Academic Conferences Participation Grant (for AY2020)
Student Bulletin Board news on studying abroad
Internships at GraSPP
GraSPP Student Council official webpage
International Academic Research Building (IAR) location on Google Maps
Akamon General Research Building location on Google Maps
Faculty of Law and Literature Building 1 location on Google Maps

Japanese Learning Resources

WaniKani (For learning Kanji) by Tofugu
Tofugu guide for learning Katakana
Tofugu guide for learning Hiragana
Anki flashcards (for words and kanji)

Life in Tokyo

Housing Office of the University of Tokyo
About the Guarantor System
AtHome rental system webpage
Nitori (furniture and home goods shop)
Rakuten (Online marketplace)
Amazon (Online marketplace)
Kakaku (Online marketplace)
Tokyo Sayonara / Welcome Sales (for buying and selling secondhand goods)
Tokyo Gas (Gas and electricity company)
Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) aka as Toden. (Gas and electricity company)
Bureau of Waterworks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Water supply).
Sony Bank (alternative to traditional banking)
GoGoNihon Guide on how to open a bank accoun in Japan
GraSPP Student Council